Terrarium Workshop

A terrarium, usually a glass container containing soil and small plants, is often kept as a decorative item in houses and work spaces. At our terrarium workshops, you get to learn to put together your very own terrarium, using pebbles, plants, soil and much more.

Types of Terrarium

Closed Terrarium

Open Terrarium

A Closed Terrarium allows for internal circulation of water, usually making it a self sustainable system. However, even closed terrarium may need to be opened once a week or every 2 weeks, to remove excess moisture from the air and container walls, based on soil and container conditions.

An Open terrarium is suited more for plants that require less soil moisture and humidity. Not all plants require a moist environment, that a closed terrarium provides. For such plants, open, unsealed terrarium is used to keep air in the terrarium free from excess moisture.

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