Corporate Events

1. Art Jamming With a Twist for Corporates

Art jamming is a simple painting activity suitable for beginners, and requires no experience in art. Art Jamming typically refers to painting on canvases, but at The Noteway Art Studio, we offer “Art Jamming With A Twist”, where participants can also paint on t-shirts and tote bags!

Art Jamming is a great way for corporate team bonding, as team members get the chance to interact with one another creatively.

For corporates looking for a free-and-easy relaxation session that is fun for participants of all ages, “Art Jamming With A Twist” is your answer.

Because not only does the whole activity encourage everyone to bond, have fun and step out of their comfort zone, everyone gets to bring home their own hand-painted artwork!

Mega Art Jam (>60 pax) at External Venues

If you are looking to host a lot of people for art jamming, we can cater for your special Mega Art Jam session, which can accommodate 100s or even 1000s of participants! There is no upper limit. It’s perfect for big corporations who want to have an organisation-wide outing or for church gatherings. We will use an external venue depending on the number of participants and provide all the materials used in our Art Jamming with a Twist sessions.

Or do you simply prefer to have your art jamming session to be held at your office due to time constraints? We can cater to such requests too! (Subject to additional transport and setup charges)

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2. Art Jamming Battles – Even More Team Bonding

Spice up your team building session and add more fun and teamwork with our specially designed Art Jamming Battle games.

The battle games have been carefully designed by us in such a way, so as to encourage more participation and interaction among your team members!

Pop Quiz in Teams to get you Started!

Bring Home More than 1 Item! (The Ultimate Art Jam Battle Only)

Game Element & Prizes for the Winning Team

More Interaction, More Fun & More Team Building Elements – ALL IN ONE!

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3. Corporate Art Jamming Rates

Art Jamming With A Twist

Our Corporate “Art Jamming With A Twist” Session Special Prices are $19.90 per pax for 6-50 pax and above painting on tote bags, and $23.90 per pax for 6-50 pax and above painting on t-shirts. These special prices apply only if you select from the fixed corporate time slots available below.

  • Monday – Friday 2pm-4pm OR 4pm-6pm

For corporate art jamming with a twist bookings with us for 40-60 pax, we allow you to reserve our venue for a private session for FREE!

For smaller corporate teams of 6-39 pax booking “Art Jamming with A Twist”, venue may be shared between multiple corporate teams, unless additional private venue reservation charges are paid.

Corporate Art Jamming Rates

The Art Jam Battle

The Ultimate Art Jam Battle

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4. Catering Options


We have everything you need in a party covered for you with our wide selection of catering options! Save yourself the hassle of having to source for a caterer, by choosing from our halal-certified internal caterer’s menus below.

Transportation and set-up fee will be waived off for all catering orders above $535.

Asian Buffet (25 Pax Onwards)

International Buffet (30 Pax Onwards)

Indian Buffet (25 Pax Onwards)

Sedap Buffet (25 Pax Onwards)

Mini Buffet (15 Pax Onwards)

Bento (15 Pax Onwards)

Refreshments / High Tea (20 Pax Onwards)

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5. Gallery

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6. Send Us a Message

Team Building Activity
Art Jamming with a Twist (2 hours)The Art Jam Battle (2.5 hours)The Ultimate Art Jam Battle (3 hours)Clay WorkshopSand Art WorkshopTerrarium WorkshopOthers

Preferred Date

Do you require catering?

Budget (including catering, if any)

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