Art and Craft Workshops

Art Jamming

Guided Art Jamming Workshop

During free and easy art jamming sessions, you may lack the techniques and skills to create the best paintings on your mediums. With guided art jamming sessions, you will receive close guidance from professional art instructors who have an extensive experience in teaching art. This way, you can achieve far better quality works, whether you are painting on t-shirts, tote bags or canvases!

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clay making workshop

Clay Making Workshop

Clay Making is the moulding of clay into different shapes by hand. Unlike conventional art such as painting and drawing, Clay Making is much more hands-on. Aside from using your hands to mould the clay, different tools such as utensils and sticks can be used to create intricate patterns on your clay structures, which would otherwise be impossible to do with just your hands!

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Terrarium Workshops

A terrarium, usually a glass container containing soil and small plants, is often kept as a decorative item in houses and work spaces. At our terrarium workshops, you get to learn to put together your very own terrarium, using pebbles, plants, soil and much more.

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Sand Art

Sand Art Workshops

Sand art is the practice of modelling sand into an artistic form, such as a sand sculpture or sand bottle. At our sand art workshops, you learn how to create your own “sand” bottles, using white salt, chalk, and decorative ornaments!

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brush lettering

Brush Lettering Workshop

Brush Lettering is an art form that uses different kinds of pens such as brush pens, markers and sharpies to create thin and thick strokes. The words are all individually written in 1 smooth stroke without lifting the pen. Learn the techniques required to create a beautiful, brush lettered card at our Brush Lettering Workshops.

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Watercolour Painting Workshop

Of all painting processes, watercolour painting is known for its inherent delicacy and subtlety, as watercolour art is all about thin washes and transparent colour. In our watercolour painting workshops, you’ll learn various commonly used watercolour painting styles and techniques to make you a better painter.

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Paper Quilling Workshop

Paper quilling is the art of rolling and curling strips of coloured paper to create impressive designs. It is easy to pick up for beginners and there is no limit to the designs you can create with your creativity. It can be incorporated into : Handmade greeting cards, Monograms, Wedding invitations, Wall art, Jewellery, Scrapbooking, Paper flowers, Exquisite bookmarks, Photo frames

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