Art Jamming with a Twist in Singapore

art jamming singapore

1. What is Art Jamming with a Twist?

Canvases and acrylic paint are used for regular art jamming sessions in most art studios. At The Noteway Art Studio’s “Art Jamming with a Twist” sessions, we let you paint on t-shirts or tote bags with our own hand-mixed fabric paint! Of course, you could always choose a canvas too, as a base to display on your walls.

art jamming
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2. Why Art Jamming?

Art jamming has been gaining momentum in Singapore recently as an outlet for art aficionados and amateurs of all ages and skill to explore their artistic side. No art experience is needed to create your own masterpiece at our free and easy art jamming sessions! A typical art jam session will usually last about 2 hours, and all the necessary art materials and paints will be provided. All you need to bring is your imagination and a touch of playfulness for an enjoyable time.

Art Jamming on t-shirts

While some art jammers prefer non-guided classes, there are classes led by art instructors who will happily teach you the basics of painting. Come with your friends or sign up individually and make new friends with other art enthusiasts.

Art jamming doesn’t just help you tap into your artistic side. It’s also a great bonding activity for couples, families, and friends.

Couples can enjoy a cosy date-night as you bond with your significant other over learning a new skill. Better yet, you two can even paint matching couple tees or totes for a unique outfit.

art jamming couple

Young families with kids can use art jamming classes to spend quality time together in a stress-free environment and let your creative juices flow. Painting helps kids unleash their creativity, improves memory and develop their motor skills too.

art jamming family

As a corporate team building activity, working on an art piece together as a group can build trust and improve communications between the entire team. You might discover that your colleagues had a hidden talent for painting!

art jamming team bonding

Painting is also therapeutic, and is a good way to destress after a hectic week at work or school. With no prior experience required, art jamming is suitable for anyone and everyone!

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3. Steps for Art Jamming on T-Shirts & Tote Bags

Here is our step by step video to get you started on hand painting your very own t-shirt! These same steps apply for tote bags too.

1. Firstly, find your inspiration. Do you like cute, minimalistic doodles? Or maybe you’re a huge fan of cartoon characters. We’ve put together 55 fun art jamming ideas to get you started, and you can also head over to our Instagram, specifically for countless examples (and ideas) of paintings done by others on t-shirts and totes.

2.When you’ve got a rough idea of your design, trace it onto your tote or shirt with our ‘magic’ pen. The magic pen ink disappears in a few days, or if it doesn’t you can just wash it off. If you’re confident enough, you can skip this step and go at it freestyle.

Art Jamming Tracing

3.Mix colours of our hand mixed fabric paint to get the right shades and start painting. Watch your artwork come to life!

Art Jamming

4.After you’re done, head over to blow dry your t-shirt or tote bag to dry the paint.

Blow Drying

5.After that, we will use the heat press to set your shirt or tote bag, so that the paint dries even faster. This will also ensure longer durability of the fabric paint on your t-shirt or tote bag.

Heat Pressing
Art Jamming on T-Shirt
Completed Art Piece
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4. 4 Steps for Art Jamming on Canvas

1.Similar to art jamming on tote bags and tees, you first got to find your inspiration for what you want to paint. You can choose designs more suitable for painting on a full 40 x 40 canvas. To source for some inspiration, you can head over to our Instagram, or even Google, Pinterest and Tumblr!

2. Next it’s time to trace it onto your canvas with a pencil. If you make mistakes, you can erase the pencil markings with an eraser. This step is optional for the experienced painters, who may prefer to start painting right away!

Art Jamming

3.Use our Acrylic Paint, mix the colours if needed, and start painting!

Art Jamming

4.After you’re done, head over to blow dry your canvas to dry the paint. And you are done!:)

Blow Drying
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5. Guided Art Jamming vs Free & Easy Jamming

The best thing about art jamming is that there is no wrong way to go about it. Free and easy art jam sessions are very chill sessions where you just have to get settled in a comfortable spot, choose any idea you like, and delve straight into painting.

If you’re a bit lost on where to begin, guided art jamming classes might just be the thing to help you discover the artist in you. Our art jamming classes introduces you the basics of the colour wheel so you know how to mix paints for your desired colours. Each class will also be led by a professionally trained art instructor who will be on hand to guide you through basic drawing, painting, and blending techniques.

Colour Mixing Chart
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6. Art Jamming Ideas for Beginners

No one is born a great artist, so don’t worry about anyone judging you. Be bold and express your own individuality as you play around with colours and textures. Silhouettes are an easy design to begin with, and characters like Hello Kitty and Elmo are easy to draw. Here’s are some of our cute yet simple ideas to get you started.

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7. Art Jamming Examples

Inspired yet? Here are some of our satisfied art jammers showing off their completed works of art! Book your own art jamming session to create your own now.

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8. Art Jamming for Kids

For young parents who are looking for creative activities for your kids, art jamming sessions are a good way to engage them. Art jamming increases motor skills, concentration, and attention to details as they learn how to draw, paint, and get familiar with the basics of colour mixing.

Because there are no rules, children have the freedom to express their emotions and imagination as they experiment with materials. Through art, kids are able to nurture their learning and social development skills, which will eventually help them in their academic studies.

Art Jamming Kids

We all know how hard it is to clean up after messy paint splatters at home, which is why we’ve just launched our “Art Jamming For Kids” classes catered for the young ones. We’ll provide all the art materials and take care of the clean-up for you.

Our Kids Art Jamming sessions are led by a professional art instructor who is able to assist younger kids in drawing simple outlines for them to paint on. The instructor will also help them when they’re stuck. Kids will also receive kids size t-shirts for a better fit.

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9. Art Jamming Birthday Parties

Looking to host a fun bridal shower or birthday party? Gather your friends, family, and colleagues together in our studios to tap into their artistic side. Let us plan the party for you so that all you have to do is show up and enjoy the day with your guests, hassle-free. You and your guests will all get to art jam together and bring home a personalised tote bag or t-shirt each as a party favour that is both practical and durable.

Our cosy studio is just a 3 minute walk from Tai Seng MRT, and can hold up to 50 people comfortably. We have various packages to cater to your needs, which includes complimentary Art Jamming sessions, party snacks, and decorations. Packages also include themed birthday cakes, customised door gifts, and you can even choose to add on catering options if you want your guests to leave with a full belly.

Your kids can also celebrate their birthday with a cool art jamming session with the Kids Birthday Party Package. Aside from art jamming, they can also be entertained with magic shows games, and plenty of snacks. We can even set up a thematic buffet area to make their birthday even more special!

Party packages start from $595 for 5 to 35 people. Send us a message with your requirements or enquiries and we’ll be more than happy to host you in our studios.

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10. Art Jamming Prices & Booking

Anytime you feel like painting, book your art jam session and drop by our in-house studios to get your art jam on. We hold “Art Jamming with a Twist” sessions every week at these times:

  • Fridays from 7 – 9pm
  • Saturdays from 3 – 5pm
  • Sundays from 3 – 5pm

Every participant will get to:

  • Choose between 1 plain white cotton t-shirt, cotton canvas tote bag or a canvas to paint on and bring home.
  • Loan 1 denim apron from us for free to keep your clothes spotless and splatter-free.
  • Unlimited use of our hand-mixed fabric paint formulated and prepared in our t-shirt printing studio as you want. Acrylic paint is provided for painting on canvases. All brushes will also be provided.
  • Use our free blow drying and heat pressing service to ensure that the fabric paint on your hand painted t-shirt or tote bag is fully dry. Once dry, you can hand wash your t-shirts and totes multiple times with the paints remaining durable!
art jamming paint

Whether you’re coming alone or with a group of friends, you’re always welcome to join in during our art jamming sessions. If you sign up in a group of 6 or more people, we also have special bundle deals.

Art Jamming Price

For bookings outside the fixed slots, you can contact us at [email protected]

Book Your Art Jamming Session Now

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11. Best Art Jamming Deals

Be the first to know all our latest classes and special promotions by following us on Facebook and Instagram. Who knows, we might even have flash deals!

If you’re looking for more artsy activities to while away your weekend, The Noteway Art Studio also offers Terrarium Workshops, Paper Quilling, Sand Art, and more.

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